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Recorded: 2013-09-15



Recorded: 2013-09-22



Recorded: 2013-09-29


mp3.pngGod Cares for the Downcast

Recorded: 2013-11-10



Recorded: 2013-12-08


mp3.pngIncarnation:What and Why?

Recorded: 2013-12-15


mp3.pngAnger Management Pt.1/4

Recorded: 2014-02-02


mp3.pngAnger Management Pt.2/4

Recorded: 2014-02-09


mp3.pngAnger management Pt.3/4

Recorded: 2014-02-16


mp3.pngAnger Management Pt.4/4

Recorded: 2014-02-23


mp3.pngMystery of Godliness

Recorded: 2014-06-01


mp3.pngPower of Godliness

Recorded: 2014-06-08


mp3.pngDisciplines of Godliness

Recorded: 2014-06-15


mp3.pngContentment of Godliness

Recorded: 2014-06-22


mp3.pngDoctrine of Godliness

Recorded: 2014-06-22


mp3.pngJames Pt1/2

Recorded: 2014-07-20


mp3.pngJames Pt2/2

Recorded: 2014-07-27


mp3.pngBeauty of Eternal Life Pt.1/4

Recorded: 2014-09-07


mp3.pngBeauty of Eternal Life Pt.2/4

Recorded: 2014-09-14


mp3.pngBeauty of Eternal Life Pt.3/4

Recorded: 2014-09-21


mp3.pngBeauty of Eternal Life Pt.4/4

Recorded: 2014-09-28


mp3.pngChildren of Righteousness

Recorded: 2015-02-01


mp3.pngRighteous Seed

Recorded: 2015-02-08


mp3.pngLoving Jesus

Recorded: 2015-02-15


mp3.pngTesting the Spirits

Recorded: 2015-02-22