how to deal with spiritual warfare

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After 9/11, few are left that deny the presence of evil in this world. The Bible talks about an evil kingdom ruled by Satan. How does this relate to our personal lives and relationships?

In this seminar we explore what the Bible reveals in order to have a balanced view of good and evil. We also discuss how to defend ourselves so that we can get the victory in this battle.

Dr. James Rennie is a General Practitioner in private practice in Ontario, Canada. For 25+ years he has specialized in Bible based and faith based counseling and psychotherapy. He maintains a busy schedule of Bible teaching in various churches including his home church of Oakridge Bible Chapel.  In addition, Dr. Rennie has conducted numerous seminars on counseling related topics.

Prior to this, Jim and his wife Kathy, an RN, spent 14 years in medical missionary and church work in Zambia, Africa. They are the parents of 3 children and the grandparents of 10 grandchildren.